Make your estimate templates work for you

Repeatedly entering the same data into a Buildxact estimate is time you could spend on a job instead of glued to a screen. Buildxact allows you to customise estimate templates to include your own categories and items with your specific costings and quantities.  This will save you a tonne of time as there’ll be no more data double up and having to start estimates from scratch. It’s also possible to set up multiple templates for all your different types of projects.

Setting up templates in Buildxact

At Buildxact we’ve designed a simple way to set up templates and customise each one to suit your different jobs.  There are three ways this can be done:

1. Manually from scratch
2. By adjusting an existing Buildxact template
3. By importing your own Excel template into the Buildxact system

Whichever method you choose, these will all be added to the ‘Templates’ section under Estimates in Buildxact.

Save time with customised templates

Just click on ‘Estimates/Templates’ and choose from one of your existing files and tweak accordingly.   Or if you want to create a new template, just click on the New Template green button on the right-hand-side and away you go.

For more information about creating templates and answers to some FAQs, see: http://help.buildxact.com/en/articles/3038614-3-ways-to-create-a-template