When you need a hand, we’re always there to support you and make sure you get the most out of your subscription. Check out our online FAQs, watch videos, or chat to one of our local support people. One way or another, we’ll help you out. It’s all included in your subscription, so go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve been running Buildxact for quite some time now, helping builders and trades with their estimating and job management. We get asked a lot of questions and have built an extensive library of questions and answers.

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Check out our Training Videos

We’ve recorded what we’d typically go through when we train new customers, and cover all topics from doing a takeoff to completion of an invoice. Our training videos are a great way to get more information on part, or all, of Buildxact.

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Chat or email

If you need help with Buildxact, please feel free to email our support team or send a message via chat.

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Download and print your training manual

If you prefer to have a guide to follow, take a look at our user manual. It covers every main area of Buildxact in detail and covers everything that we go through in our online videos.

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Stuck on accounting? Take a look at our user guides

Items not syncing over? Invoices in the wrong spot? Buildxact integrates with popular accounting software to make your life easier, but sometimes things go wrong. Thankfully, we have handy user guides for Xero, MYOB AccountRight, and Quickbooks to show you exactly how to sync, when to sync, and what to sync.

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If you need further help, please email our support team or send a message via chat.