Takeoffs before Buildxact were ridiculous! They just led to a lot of wasted time.My quoting time for projects has dramatically reduced, and the fact that we’re sending out purchase orders now for everything is great.”

Bryce Parker

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I found Buildxact pretty easy to get started with. All it took was 45 minutes and I was already able to put together an estimate and produce a quote.”

Jaye Ibrahim 

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Because Buildxact is in the cloud, I can access it wherever I am.  So when I’m onsite I can just pull out my phone and check my job schedules or my orders and systems.

Phillip Ouzounis

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“A takeoff for a build, could take two, three days, up to a week. With Buildxact, I’m down to under a day to get all my takeoffs done and ready to quote, and also ready to order when the job comes through,”

Hagen Shaw

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I’m a busy mum. I run a very busy household and a very busy business. We use Buildxact to produce quotes that are on time and efficient and we find the more quotes we produce, the more jobs we get. Buildxact has essentially halved our time to produce quotes, and that’s more time spent with the family”

Lauren O’Grady

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Getting started with Buildxact was pretty easy. It took me a day or so to get the hang of it, but once I got the hang of it and once you get into it, it’s really easy to use. It’s really simple.

Scott Gammack

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Buildxact is significantly cheaper and faster than the previous estimating software which I was using. It’s also easy and far more efficient than Excel. I highly recommend this software to builders, it’s the best value for money!

Hendrik Venter

Buildxact has helped my business grow, as I can quote much faster…new homes in 2.5 hours! I can monitor job progress and schedule automatic text messages to trades. The staff at Buildxact are excellent to deal with. Subscribing to Buildxact has personally been my best business decision in 27 years in the construction industry. It’s less expensive too, compared to other software.

Scott Benson

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